Bonsai Mirai: Asymmetry

Bob Pressler & the Ben Oki Juniper

August 16, 2019

In this episode of Asymmetry, Ryan sits down with an old friend and pillar of the California Bonsai scene - Bob Pressler of the California Bonsai Society. They dig deep into the roots of California bonsai; Bob moved to California and joined the bonsai scene under the likes of Ben Oki, Harry Hirao, and John Naka. Most importantly, they announce the creation of the Ben Oki Scholarship Foundation, to fuel the education of dedicated bonsai practitioners, funded by the upcoming auction (beginning September 3, 2019) of a stunning juniper collected and created by Ben Oki, most recently styled by Ryan.

To learn more about the Ben Oki Scholarship Foundation, or apply for the scholarship, visit

Hosted by Ryan Neil
Recorded by Michael Lime Allen