Bonsai Mirai: Asymmetry

Rodney Clemons: Kingsville Boxwoods

November 10, 2021

In this episode of Asymmetry, a significant reference in the culture of North American Bonsai, Rodney Clemons has had a professional career for over 30 years that has provided him a tremendous amount of experience, insight, influence and unique knowledge not only about the bonsai community and its history but also specifically the nuances that pertain to the wonderful species cultivated in North America, primarily speaking about the Kingsville Boxwood.  After his stream on Mirai Live, titled Boxwood Primer, we got to sit down with Rodney and dissect all things bonsai related.  His life, his garden and what has led on his journey to where he is at and how he has gone about the process of refining and really pursuing the highest level of information about a species not commonly practiced or understood to this degree. 

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